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A Toast to Sirius Black

a fandom send-off

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Albus Dumbledore got a funeral. Even Aragog got one. Not only has Sirius Black not had a memorial of any kind, he hasn't even been pardoned for the crimes he didn't commit. That's why this community exists. We're here to give Sirius the send-off he deserves.

We'll do it with fan fiction, fan artwork, essays, and whatever else we think of. Any and all Sirius-centric ships (and gen, of course) are welcome. This is a fandom-wide celebration.

This is a celebration. We're toasting a character, which means that while we're acknowledging his flaws (and he does have a few, and we love him despite them, or perhaps even for them) the emphasis is on his good qualities.

Please read the community rules before posting.

Off-topic posts will be deleted, including fic and art that is not Sirius-centric, and advertisements for communities that are not Sirius-centric.

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