August 5th, 2005


A call for challenges.

Okay, we're finally getting started! Please post suggestions for challenges in the comments. Challenges can be anything you like - a quotation, a picture, a song, a theme, a very basic plot outline.

Just a few rules:

1. Since this challenge is open to any and all Sirius-centric ships (and Sirius-centric genfics, of course) please try not tailor challenges to a specific ship. These are only suggestions for stories, artwork, or whatever else you want to do. After claiming your challenge you may interpret it however you like. :)

2. This is a celebration of Sirius. And while we love him for his flaws as well as his good parts...a challenge along the lines of "Sirius rapes and tortures someone" would be inappropriate. :)

3. Anyone may claim a challenge and interpret however he or she likes. Fan fiction, artwork, meta,'s welcome!

4. Any ship. Any rating. Any kink - though, again, this is a celebration of a character.

5. Anyone may suggest a challenge. Even if you don't want to claim one, feel free to post your suggestion.

6. I'll be taking suggestions until August 12th. (That gives you a week.) After that, I'll make a list of all suggestions and claiming will begin. As things stand now, I think the nebulous deadline will be around October 22nd.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions for challenges?

ETA: And please pimp this comm.