A Toast to Sirius Black
Sirius on a Bike by Nassima
A Toast to Sirius Black
a fandom send-off
Monday’s Child
By minnow_53

These characters belong to JK Rowling and various corporations.
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Era: Directly after Hogwarts.
Summary: This is loosely based on sirius_loving prompt 49, ‘After Hogwarts, Sirius was too busy to have a girlfriend.’
Rating: PG-13
Thanks: To asterie_smiles, for a fast beta.
Dedication: This one’s for you, thistlerose, and for your community, sirius_loving. Have a very happy birthday!

Posted on sirius_loving and linked to my journal.

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Sorry this is so late. I actually wrote it the first day that thistlerose mentioned this tribute to Sirius, but the site wasn't yet up for posting. Later, the whole thing just slipped my mind.

Title: Mischief Managed

Author: mysid

Disclaimer: MWPP belong to J.K. Rowling. (Even if she does miswrite them sometimes.)

Rating: G

Dedicated to Thistlerose: For conceiving of this LJ tribute to Sirius. I began to wonder how Sirius would choose to be remembered....

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I know that this comm is supposed to be closed now, but I just did something during a studying break that is just that fitting...

Title: Thestrals
Pairing: implied R/S
Timeline: post OotP
Rating: +10
Genre: Multimedia. Worksafe but not that dial-up friendly.

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Hello All,

I haven't forgotten that I took up two challenges way back when the community opened and I apologies profusely for my lateness in completing said challenges. Sadly real life has got in the way completely, with one thing coming after another, but with the approaching holiday season, I am hoping to get some time to complete both challenges.

I hope you will accept my apologies and the extremely late challenges when they do get posted.

Again forgive me, and let me be the first to wish Seasonal Greetings.

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 I finally did it, its eventually over. It took me a long time to paint this drawing, and I hope you will like it.

It reprensents Sirius at different stages of his life : birth, before going to Hogwarts, when he was a student at Hogwarts, after leaving the school, then post-Azkaban Sirius (not so much place for Sirius in Azkaban on the pic ; which I deeply regret), then... the Veil.


Gouache, pitt pens.

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Hey, I'm new here! It srikes me now  that some of you might find this post familiar; I'm a comment-junkie so I post my fics where ever I can. In case some hadn't saw it somewhere ells here is my very first R/S, it's not the best but it's my first =)

Title: Darts Of Pleasure
Author: Noam Jen Non
Fandom: Harry Potter.
Rating: R/NC-17
Paring: Remus/Sirius
Summary: challenge response- Sirius likes dirty talk but Remus is shy. How does Sirius change his mind?
Disclaimer: all not mine. The lyrics and title are from “Darts Of Pleasure” by Franz Ferdinand.

So anyway, my name is Noam Jen, and I'm from Israel. I love fanfiction and fanart, especially anything to do with marauders and the twins.

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I'm sorry this is so disgustingly late.

Title: Davy Gudgeon's Arm
Author/Artist: Platosghost
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Warnings: Erm, none I think. But it could be seen as preslash Sirius/Remus if you squint and tilt your head.
Brief summary/challenge (if you used one):22. When Sirius first learns to transform into Padfoot, he can't control the dog very well. Padfoot gets in trouble with someone for doing something dogs do: chewing on things, barking incessantly, biting someone, etc.

Author's Notes: Again, sorry it's late. Written in all dialogue. Also unbetaed, so concrit is greatly appreciated.

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Title: Smoky Memories
Author: Arachnethe2
Fandom: HP
Pairing: SS/SB, SS/HP
Rating: R

Summary: How was the godfather, so is the godson

Disclaimer: All characters of the Harry Potter books are creations of J.K. Rowlins.

The inspiration for this story came from the "Severus is courting Harry" challenge by painless_j and "Your exlover is dead" on padfootparadise

I'm posting this story as my contribution to the send-off of Sirius Black. In accord to the community rules, to claim a challenge wasn't required.

Author's notes: This story was finished before HBP came out.

Happy birthday again painless_j and happy birthday ahead kleio_the_muse

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Title: Wild Men Who Sang the Sun in Flight
Author: lyras
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death
Challenge: Sirius's first battle for the Order of the Phoenix. Um, this turned out to be a lot more about Sirius's last battle than his first one. I hope that's all right!
Author's notes: This is the first time I've written action, so any concrit would be much appreciated. Thanks very much to aillil for reading this through and making lots of helpful suggestions! Some of Sirius's lines are taken directly from Chapter 35 of OotP: Beyond the Veil.

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Title: Memories - the lessons of childhood, learned by heart

Author: atlantis_z13

Rating: PGish

Characters: Sirius, Regulus, parents

Summary/Challenge: #21, Sirius's childhood before he came to Hogwarts.  Sirius learned many lessons as a child in the Black house.  Some of them will haunt him his whole life.

Comments: This is a bit of a writing experiment for me.  It’s in the second person, which I never write in. 2,220 words.  Thanks to theenginedriver  for her lovely beta job!  Please comment!



On the day that an old shabby hat changes your life forever, you will be painfully aware of all your lessonsCollapse )


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